The Secret to Standing Out as an Online Creator (Without Being Fake)

Create an online presence that demands attention

Kyle Chastain
8 min readJun 11, 2024
Photo by Sean Robertson on Unsplash

I know how hard it is to stand out online.

As a writer, it can be difficult to differentiate myself from other people who write about the same things as me.

Maybe you’re just getting started building your online presence, or maybe you’ve been at it a while and you already have a business. Either way, you’ve likely looked at your favorite creators (or influencers) and wondered: What do they have that I don’t?

What attracts us to certain people and brands and causes us to feel a deep bond with them that may even border on obsession?

Maybe it’s their writing. Or perhaps it’s the way they design their online presence that catches your attention. Whatever it is, you’d give about anything to sprinkle a little of their magic on your brand.

The real secret is: Creator Archetypes.

They may or may not consciously tap into an archetype, but they all do it effectively. And the result is that people like you and I become brand loyalists. All similar writers feel like knockoffs.

I’ve spent more than two years studying storytelling. One thing I’ve noticed was that the most popular…



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